Life happens. Events both good and bad occur and will impact both your and Jill’s ability to meet every appointment. Over the years we have had everything from engagements to flat tires, and unfortunately even deaths occurring and resulting in the need to reschedule appointments. Jill will do everything in her power to avoid having to cancel and she hopes that you will do the same. However, in the past some owners have been nonchalant about keeping their obligations. Therefore, we have had to implement a specific policy. Please be aware that once Jill has driven to your community it is your responsibility to ensure proper access past any guard/gates and to your home.  Therefore, if a cancellation on the owners part occurs on the same day as the appointment; the first time will not be charged, the second time will impose a $25 fee to cover expenses, if a third cancellation occurs the full price of the grooming will be charged if the owner wishes to continue using our services.


Just as you expect Angel Paws In-Home Grooming to be on time and to groom your fur baby as scheduled, we expect you to meet your responsibility to pay at the time of the appointment. Preferred methods are Cash, Zelle or Checks (from established clients); if other means of payment are necessary please speak to Jill first. We are prepared to accept Credit/Debit Cards, and Venmo, but an additional fee will be added. . Please understand that your convenience shouldn’t cost Angel Paws In Home Grooming.