Angel Paws In-Home Grooming

About Us

Jill is passionate about her work and her clients. She makes every effort to establish a one-on-one relationship with every dog she grooms and every client. If she notices anything that might be a health or behavioral problem she will not hesitate to bring it to the owners attention. Jill’s goal is for all her fur babies to be healthy, happy and reflect that in their physical appearance. Angel Paws was specifically named in remembrance of all the fur babies that have crossed the rainbow bridge.

As supposed to large box pet supply and grooming services, Jill has made it a strong point that Angel Paws In-Home Grooming will NEVER try to sell you additional products, or “add-ons”. If specific issues arise, like matting or behavioral problems, Each extra hour of time will be $45.

Angel Paws In-Home Grooming

Our Team

Jillian Anderson is the sole proprietor, and owner, of Angel Paws In-Home Grooming, LLC.  Jillian (alias Groomer Jill) does all the grooming and scheduling. Jill was formally trained in 2013, and received her license in 2014, and has been working professionally ever since. Jill has been doing independent grooming since High School. Angel Paws In-Home Grooming is Jill’s next step in her professional career advancement.

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